Endorsed by the East Ohio Annual Conference – June 2022

“Pastor Jon is truly a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.  He surrenders to Jesus’s love, follows wherever He calls, and trusts in Him completely.  He loves and cares for all of us and even those with whom he may have significant theological disagreements feel heard and respected.  He is committed to knowing and being guided by the Holy Spirit.”

Dr. Valerie Riedthaler, UWF Deaconess, Impartial Hearing Officer, Akron Public Schools

“Jon has the ability to carefully and thoroughly examine many aspects of every situation. He is careful to follow both the scriptures and the Discipline.”

Rev. Dan Drew, retired Elder, former District Superintendent, East Ohio Conference 

“Jon has demonstrated creative and collaborative leadership, excellent understanding of the polity and processes of our denomination—including the ability to adapt those processes to be appropriate to changing circumstances—and a vital embodiment of deep faith and broad love.”

Rev. Nathan Howe, Conference Relations Registrar, East Ohio Conference Board of Ministry